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I work with individuals and teams in organisations to:

  • Drive through and enable change at individual, departmental and organisational levels
  • Release the energy required to improve levels of resilience and adaptability to improve   productivity through disruption and change 
  • Gain clarity and set direction to achieve required outcomes and results
  • Transition to Senior Leadership and Board level roles and sustain outstanding performance
  • Develop effective collaborative ways of working that benefit individuals and their organisations
Examples of my client work includes enabling a Board to develop focus and find clarity in a crisis situation, embedding new cultures and ways of working within teams and organisations and helping teams prepare to and then implement change. On an individual level she has worked with a number of leaders to thrive as they take on new executive roles, specifically as they take on more strategic responsibilities and develop collaborative practices. Clients in the private sector have included BAE Systems, Pfizer, Boots, Vodafone and L’Oreal, as well as small financial and design companies. In the public sector she has worked with board members and senior leaders in the NHS and the FCO.